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Streetversity is the brainchild of Bruce and Stephanie Petersen. The Austin, TX based couple grew tired of the hype and late-night-infomercial nature of real estate investing gurus who seemed more interested in getting in your wallet than truly sharing helpful information about real estate investing. 

Bruce and Stephanie — a multifamily syndicator, and a real estate accountant, respectively — built Streetversity as a clearing house for the best and the brightest of real estate investing trainers. 

As Bruce and Stephanie continue to expand, the trainers and educators who will be cleared to offer their courses here will have proven their materials are based in reality, have demonstrated knowledge of current real estate conditions, and are active in the market. 

Come back often, join our mailing list for updates, and watch as our course list grows and more and more experts begin offering true, life-changing education. 

So join us as we build our community. We welcome you.

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