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In our newest courses, Bruce "Apartment Guy" Petersen will show you how to take your multi-family investments to the next level.

Our Newest Course

How to Create Syndications to Invest in Apartments

  • The Syndication Course aims to provide you with an understanding of what syndication is and if it’s the right path for you.
  • It will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of exactly what is involved in syndication from networking to find investors for your deal to closing on your first property and everything in between.
  • You will understand exactly who you need on your team and when to engage with them as well as roughly what to expect to pay them throughout the syndication process.
  • We also go over some of the ways the Sponsor may structure the deal and express your expected returns and how to understand that it can affect your investment.

How to Syndicate Successfully

If you’re in real estate, you’ve heard of syndication. It’s the new industry gold rush, and much like the dotcom bubble in the late 1990s, investors are wondering if they should get in on the action or wait for the market to correct. Award-winning syndicator Bruce Petersen says it all depends. If you do it right, syndication is an amazing way to grow your business exponentially and achieve a life of freedom you never thought possible. And you don’t need to wait for a market correction—Bruce will show you how to develop a track record of success with syndication right now that will have you well-positioned and ready for the next correction. However, syndication isn’t for everyone. In Syndicating Is a B*tch, Bruce shares the stories other syndicators won’t, like finding a dead body on a property and having Homeland Security take $5.2 million of your money. Along with the unvarnished truth, Bruce gives you the step-by-step guide you need to close your first syndication deal.

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