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Streetversity is the brainchild of Bruce and Stephanie Petersen. The Austin, TX based couple grew tired of the hype and late-night-infomercial nature of real estate investing gurus who seemed more interested in getting in your wallet than truly sharing helpful information about real estate investing.

Bruce and Stephanie — a multifamily syndicator, and a real estate accountant, respectively — built Streetversity as a clearing house for the best and the brightest of real estate investing trainers. 

As Bruce and Stephanie continue to expand, the trainers and educators who will be cleared to offer their courses here will have proven their materials are based in reality, have demonstrated knowledge of current real estate conditions, and are active in the market.

Come back often,  join our mailing list for updates, and watch as our course list grows and more and more experts begin offering true, life-changing education. 

So join us as we build our community. We welcome you.

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Introduction to Multifamily Investing

How to create a multifamily syndication

If you’re in real estate, you’ve probably heard of syndication.

It’s the new industry gold rush, and much like the dotcom bubble in the late 1990s, investors are wondering if they should get in on the action or wait for the market to correct.

Award-winning syndicator Bruce Petersen says it all depends: if you do it right, syndication is an amazing way to grow your business exponentially and achieve a life of freedom you never thought possible. And you don’t need to wait for a market correction — Bruce will show you how to develop a track record of success with syndication right now that will have you well-positioned and ready for the next correction.

However, syndication isn’t for everyone. In this course, Bruce shares the unvarnished truth and gives you the step-by-step guide you need to close your first multifamily syndication deal.

Build Your Portfolio a Dozen Units (or more) at a Time


From Accounting to Passive Investing

Multifamily Value-Add Ideas

It’s not just through getting the right tenants, collecting monthly rents, and upkeep that you gain value in your investment in multifamily. Learn how in this course a number of easy ways you can explode your monthly cash flow.

From garage space,  laundry rooms, from soda, candy and snack machines to premium surcharges for tenant billing convenience, you will learn the tricks of the trade that will (1) increase your Net Operating Income (NOI), and (2) set you up for the kind of cap rate that will mean huge profits when you decide to sell.

Underwriting Apartment Buildings

Are you interested in multifamily real estate but don’t know how to run all the numbers? With this underwriting spreadsheet bundle and four module video training, you’ll quickly be able to determine whether or not a deal makes sense for you as an investment. Simply input the number of units, purchase price and closing costs, anticipated rent and increases, your anticipated mortgage costs and other operating expenses to calculate the potential investments cash on cash and internal rate of return.


  • A complete, 4-chapter video training lab
  • Underwriting — Introduction and The Deal
  • Underwriting — Operating Income
  • Underwriting — Operating Expenses
  • Underwriting — Non Operating Expenses, Returns, Sponsor Compensation, and Market Survey

And all the spreadsheet calculators you need to implement the underwriting techniques you will learn

Advanced Syndication

Sometimes you want it all. And that’s what the Advanced Syndication course is all about. The spreadsheets, the underwriting calculators, marketing examples, and much, much more make Advanced Apartment Building Syndication the course for those who want to start fast, move fast, and close fast!

Step-by-step, the course walks through exactly what is involved in syndication — from networking, to finding investors for your deal to closing on your first property (and everything in between).

You will learn how to assemble members of your team, when and how to engage with them, as well as what to expect to pay them throughout the syndication process.

Most importantly, you gain the necessary knowledge and insight to begin your journey to becoming an investor in apartment buildings.

Multifamily Passive Investing

If you would rather invest in the expertise of others and be a member of a syndication rather than creating one, passive investing is for you.

The Multifamily Passive Investing Course is designed to help you get your dollars invested as efficiently and safely as possible. In the course, we cover how to network and how to find (and vet) a deal Sponsor. You will learn what the offering documents for a deal include as well as key items to look for and understand.

We also go over some of the ways the Sponsor may structure the deal and express your expected returns and how to understand that it can affect your investment.

Accounting Pro

Running a 7-figure business of buying and selling multifamily apartment buildings didn’t come without some headaches.

That’s why the Accounting Pro course was developed.

Specifically designed for the purpose of creating an investing business through the syndication of apartment buildings, you’ll quickly learn that with the right tools and techniques, the accounting part doesn’t need to be a headache.

It’s good to have a real estate audit and tax return CPA in the family.

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