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Introduction to Investing in Apartment Buildings through Syndications

Step-by-step, the course walks through exactly what is involved in syndication — from networking, to finding investors for your deal and closing on your first property. And everything in between.
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Advanced Apartment Building Syndication

The spreadsheets, the underwriting calculators, marketing examples, and much more more make the Advanced Apartment Building Syndication the course for those who want to start fast, move fast, and close fast!

Multifamily Passive Investing

Learn how to network, find and vet a deal Sponsor. Review the deal offering documents as well as key items to expect. Learn the structure of a deal, express expected returns and understand how it all affects your investment.

Accounting Pro

Running a 7-figure business of buying and selling muiltfamily apartment buildings didn't come without some headaches. That's why the Accounting Pro course was developed. Specifically designed for the business of building an investing business through the syndication of apartment buildings, you'll quickly learn the accounting part doesn't need to be a headache.

Underwriting Apartment Buildings

With this underwriting spreadsheet bundle and four module video training, simply input the number of units, purchase price and closing costs, anticipated rent and increases, your anticipated mortgage costs and other operating expenses to calculate the potential investments cash on cash and internal rate of return.

Multifamily Value-Add Ideas — Bundle

It's not just through selecting the right tenants, collecting monthly rents, and consistent upkeep that you gain value in your investment in multifamily properties. Learn a number of easy ways you can increase your monthly cash flow. This bundled package includes both Income Value Adds and Expense Value Adds
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Multifamily Value-Add Ideas — Income

Income value

Multifamily Value-Add Ideas — Expenses

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